Ubisoft virtual escape games

Work together or you may NEVR leave

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  • 2-4 players (multiplayer)
  • 3 games to choose from
  • 60 minutes: £20
  • 1 headset per person

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From the creators of Assassins Creed – Ages 8+

Work together to escape from meticulously designed virtual escape games, set in the expansive worlds of popular Ubisoft titles. You cannot solve these mysteries alone, form a team of 2-4 people and solve the puzzles. Make sure to check out our game descriptions below!

From absolute beginners to experts, there’s a challenging (and fun) experience for everyone. We recommend you complete the escape games in order, if you complete all three games you win a free attempt at our hidden bonus escape game!

Escape The Lost Pyramid

(Easy) (2 or 4 players)

In Escape The Lost Pyramid, in 1928, lost at the bottom of the gigantic pyramid of Nebka, you have to find a lost artefact and your way out situated at the very top of the pyramid!

Beyond Medusa’s Gate

(Medium) (2 or 4 players)

In Beyond Medusa’s Gate, 445 BEC, you will live an epic journey in an Aegean coastal cave looking for the lost ship of the Argonauts.

The Dagger Of Time

(Hard) (2, 3 or 4 players)

In Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time, you will have the ability to control time and explore the Fortress of Time to rescue Kaileena from an evil Magi.


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