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NEVR lose a game again – Ages 5+

Is your gaming setup holding you back?

Armed with our super-fast PCs, the latest gaming peripherals and featuring the most popular esports titles. If you’re an aspiring professional esports player then NEVRlabs has what you need to up your game.

Want a place to chill out and game with friends? Our esports & PC gaming room also has a selection of relaxing games for you to enjoy.

Lag causing losses at home?

Our LAN set-ups provide fast and stable connections. With unique coaching opportunities and the possibility of playing with the pros, there’s no better place to play.

Full room booking is available for team practice and parties.

Parental supervision is required for attendees under the age of 12. Parental consent is required for mature content.


Gaming is for everyone, find out what’s on offer at NEVRlabs.

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