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Test your team in situations that aren’t possible in real life!

From tailored sessions to full venue hire, small start-ups to large corporations, we provide virtual reality experiences that improve team cohesion and communication. Here’s a selection of what we offer, for more information contact us at

Bomb defusal – £20 per person – 60 mins, up to 18 players

It’s your first day in the bomb defusal squad, your intensive 6-month training course has been cancelled so it’s time to learn on the job. Your first assignment is to defuse a bomb under a hospital for injured puppies, the feline culprit is yet to be identified but if you don’t defuse this bomb the result could be… cat-astrophic.

This assignment needs a minimum of three players. As the bomb defuser, your life is on the line (in VR). You’ll be listening to the instructions of the ‘experts’, who have a bomb defusal manual in real life.

Virtual escape games by Ubisoft – £20 per person – 75 mins, up to 4 players

You might have tried an escape room in real life, but nothing compares to the wonder and immersion of a virtual escape game. Solve puzzles and defeat whatever enemies you may find on your adventure, communication and teamwork are essential if you want to make it out alive. We can accommodate escape games for 2-4 players, for more information check out our dedicated escape games page!

Face your fears with your peers – £25 per person – 90 mins, up to 15 players

It’s time to face your greatest fears, together. If you’re scared of heights, rollercoasters or poltergeists then we have experiences with guaranteed frights! Help each other to confront your phobias and become an unbreakable team!


Gaming is for everyone, find out what’s on offer at NEVRlabs.

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