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NEVRlabs was created by Alice House Hospice to raise much-needed funds and build a community of gamers and non-gamers alike. From aspiring esports professionals to tabletop players, NEVRlabs is somewhere you can call home.

Not for profit

Fundraising is an essential task carried out by Alice House, to ensure there is funding available to provide the excellent quality of care that is expected at the Hospice. Over the course of the pandemic, fundraising became very difficult. In response to this, our hospice Chief Executive, Tracy Woodall, championed the need for the next generation of fundraising. Introducing, NEVRlabs.

NEVRlabs hosts a range of premium gaming experiences at affordable prices, the best part is 100% of the profits go straight back to the Hospice. We’re also working with schools, colleges, and universities to ensure students can access the hardware they need to pursue a career in gaming. We’ll be hosting plenty of events throughout the year, follow our social media pages to be the first to know.

Image of NEVRlabs VR stations

Alice House Hospice

Alice House Hospice exists to ensure people affected by a life-limiting illness or the death of a loved one have the care, comfort, and support they need. As the only adult Hospice in the Hartlepool and East Durham areas of the UK, our unique range of services make a vital difference to the lives of thousands of families each year.

To find out more about Alice House Hospice, or to make a donation, follow the links below.

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