Pro-gaming ambitions

at NEVRlabs

A budding young gamer has discovered NEVRlabs and is hoping to become a pro-gamer/streamer.

13 year old Alex from Hartlepool is a future pro-gamer who loves coming to NEVRlabs.

Alex’s dad Daniel said “Discovering NEVRlabs is one of the greatest things to come out of 2021, Alex has always been into gaming and spends much of his spare time cupped up inside his lair (bedroom) playing games.

As parents we are always happy to see Alex enjoying himself either gaming or generally messing around with technology. Recently he started streaming his games with a view of one day maybe becoming a pro-gamer.

Alex had been invited with his school to NEVRlabs in Park Road Hartlepool. It wasn’t something he was looking forward to, he didn’t really understand what it was all about and didn’t think it was going to be his thing, neither me or his mum could enlighten him as we ourselves had also never really come across the place.

After convincing Alex to give it a try and check it out he finally went.  Later the same day Alex came home raving about this new and exciting space, as parents we could not have been happier for him and we were so pleased the school had taken the initiative to take him and the other pupils along for the afternoon.

The next day I took him back and he enjoyed showing me the various spaces and technology. I have to say my own gaming knowledge is relatively low and I even I was pretty impressed with the set up and the spec of gear, the detail they have put into this project is unreal.

The staff have been very accommodating and have gone out of their way to make Alex very welcome. During my visit I could see other like-minded youngsters with parents similar to myself and Jo (Alex’s mum) who are also pleased to have found this wonderful space which is capable of enticing youngsters out of the bedroom into a safe and friendly environment specifically designed for gaming.

I also found out that NEVRlabs isn’t a franchise but part of the Alice House Hospice; the money we spend there goes to the charity, it really doesn’t get much better.”

“I’ve grown up watching NickEH30 (pro gaming streamer) he inspired me to get an Xbox and to get into gaming.

I’ve slowly being able to get more and more confidence and have started my own streaming channel on Twitch. I can’t access the level of gaming at home like I can at NEVRlabs.

I hope to become a pro-gamer/streamer one day. I think the staff are really kind and helpful, I can’t wait to go back.”



Gaming is for everyone, find out what’s on offer at NEVRlabs.

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